1. How do you pronounce Astraeus’s name?  “Uh-stray-us.” The name’s overall pronunciation is widely disputed and varies from culture to culture. In the video below, the narrator has a Russian accent, but with the exception of the rolled “r”, it is the correct way to pronounce Astraeus’s name and the title of the novel.
  1. How do you pronounce Sakota’s name? “Suh-koda”. Her name is pronounced like “Dakota” with an “S” instead of a “D.”
  2. Will there be a sequel? Yes. The Astraeus books will be a complete trilogy. The author is in the process of completing Astraeus II, and it is planned that the novel should release in autumn 2019, with the subsequent novel(s) releasing in 2020, spaced a year apart. Stay tuned to Haley’s social media and this website for details, and be sure to subscribe to her newsletter.



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