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One pre-apocalyptic Earth. One desperate space mission to find a solution. One unexpected alien. Award-winning novel. Read More


One doctor, one alien lover, one botanist, and one engineer on a desperate mission to save earth from human destruction. Read More


The Prophet Trilogy by Don Newton – Spotlight & Giveaway

False Gods The Prophet Trilogy Book 1 by Don Newton Genre: Epic Fantasy How many gods do you really need? Erador has more than its share… In a strange multiverse ruled by magic and immortals, the last remaining souls, fleeing the destruction of Earth, struggle to survive. The Draggons want them dead. The gods want

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Here Comes Earth by William Lee Gordon – Spotlight & Giveaway!

  Emergence Here Comes Earth Book 1 by William Lee Gordon Genre: Science Fiction Where did mankind really come from? Why are we here? We can’t understand the past until we embrace the future. These critical mysteries take center stage as Earth emerges into a Galactic Society that is far more perilous than anyone could

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Cresting the Sun by Nicholas Adams – Spotlight & Giveaway

  Cresting the Sun A SciFi/ Fantasy Anthology with stories by Nicholas P Adams, Brian C Hailes and Rick Bennett Cresting the Sun is a science fiction and fantasy anthology compiling twelve award-winning short stories (with a taste of crime and horror mixed in). Each included tale has in recent years earned recognition from the

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Strange Girls by Azzurra Nox – Spotlight & Giveaway

  Strange Girls A Women in Horror Anthology with stories selected by Azzurra Nox Genre: YA Horror For fans of American Horror Story, Shirley Jackson, and Creepshow. You know them. Those girls that aren’t quite like everyone else. Those girls who stand out in the crowd. Those girls that dare to be different. Those girls

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