Casting Astraeus

My upcoming Sci-Fi novel is about a young woman who’s a medical officer aboard the Sleipnir, a science exploration vessel 150 years in the future. They encounter a humanoid alien drifting in space, not wearing a mask, but somehow alive, and they bring him aboard. The book is full of delicious tension, and it’s been very neat to write. Please enjoy my dream cast below, should it ever hit the cinemas. 😉

In no particular order:

Astraeus – The hero of the novel, Astraeus is an alien with human features. He is found floating in space outside the Sleipnir without a mask on, and mysteriously alive. Little is known about him in the beginning of the novel.

If I had my pick, I’d have Jason Momoa play him. Astraeus is Pacific Islander in appearance, and in addition to being a great actor, Jason looks like him. He is who I would request to play him, in the event the book was optioned to become a film.

Dr. Sakota Thorell – The main heroine. Sakota is a young medical officer, brilliant, capable, and bright. She is the first person to encounter Astraeus. I chose Emma Watson because she is a very nuanced actress and would be brilliant in the role.

Dr. Alistair Mansfield – a brilliant British medical professor and astrophysicist. He’s cranky, a master swordsman, and a genius. He is Sakota’s colleague in the lab aboard the Sleipnir science vessel. I picked Patrick Stewart because; well, enough said.


Commander Rutledge– the military guns aboard the Sleipnir, imposing, callous, and one of the antagonists in the book. He is an act-first, think-second kind of person, and very dangerous. I chose actor Teddy Sears after watching “Curve,” because the guy can play heavies really well.

Captain Ortiz – the navigator of the Sleipnir. I love Jayda Pinkett-Smith and wrote the part with her in mind.

Astraeus will be out in early fall of 2018 with Covey Publishing. Stay tuned!

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