Cover Reveal – Jodi Milner’s Stonebearer’s Betrayal

Today I’m pleased to have fellow author Jodi Milner visiting the blog, with her fresh, stunning cover reveal for her newest release, Stonebearer’s Betrayal. This cover is gorgeous! I’ve met Jodi several times at book signings and author events. She’s a dynamic, wonderful author and friendly gal, and she writes YA fantasy, exploring the fantastic and finding magic in everyday life. Enjoy!


Forbidden magic compelled Katira to live a lie, but learning the truth is far more dangerous than she
ever dreamed.
When an innocent early morning hunting trip turns into an attack, Katira’s world fractures. Her humble
parents are actually legendary Stonebearers – immortal, powerful beings tasked with protecting the
human world from creatures of the mirror realm.
Those cracks widen and shatter apart when the Archdemoness, Wrothe, escapes from her timeless
prison and snatches Katira away, intending to use her as bait to destroy not only her family line, but the
entire Stonebearer Society.
If Katira is to be made whole again, she must learn to trust the young stranger who’s trying to save her
while finding the strength to trust in the new truths she discovers about herself.
Winner of the Quills 2019 Recommended Read

Jodi L. Milner is the author of the YA noble dark fantasy Stonebearer’s Betrayal as well as several short stories appearing in numerous anthologies. 

In her community, she holds a leadership position in the League of Utah Writers and teaches at chapter meetings and conferences. She’s a world traveler, married a magician, studied Kenpo karate, and performed reptile shows several times a week while in college.  

When not putting her characters in dire peril, Jodi can be folding the children and feeding the laundry, often in that order. She can also be found crocheting cute character sidekicks, playing lame app-based games, and reading – always reading.

Jodi is a firm believer that life is what you make it and she intends to make it a good one. She is an avid student of the interesting and obscure and has an unhealthy fascination with medical science. This path led to her working professionally in both human and animal medicine. These days she raises a pair of cranky chickens and is interested in taking up exotic animal rescue, much to her husband’s horror.

She makes her home in the mountains of Utah.






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